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Flight Bird Cage
The two cages arrived today just as FedEx tracking stated. The HQ cages are really a great value Im pleased with the construction and the engineering. Your prompt handling of my order and e-mailed questions made the whole process very smooth. THANKS! Peggy Smith

special deals

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Avian Adventures Bird Cages

BirdsComfort carries Avian Adventures cages, playstands, and other products. Avian Adventures is a manufacturer of premium quality powder coated and stainless steel bird cages. Avian Adventures cages come in more than 50 style/color combinations! Click on any cage for more information.

Poquito Avian Hotel
Poquito Avian Hotel
$ 89.00  
Avian Adventures Protege Bird Cage
Protege Bird Cage
$ 159.00  
Avian Adventures Nina Dometop Bird Cage
Nina Dometop Bird Cage
$ 209.00  
Avian Adventures Nina Playtop Bird Cage
Nina Playtop Bird Cage
$ 229.00  

Avian Adventures Loro Bird Cage
Loro Bird Cage
$ 319.00  
Avian Adventures Chiquita Dometop Bird Cage
Chiquita Dometop Bird Cage
$ 299.00  
Avian Adventures Chiquita Playtop Bird Cage
Chiquita Playtop Bird Cage
$ 319.00  
Avian Adventures Mediana Dometop Bird Cage
Mediana Dometop Bird Cages
$ 389.00  

Avian Adventures Mediana Playtop Bird Cage
Mediana Playtop Bird Cages
$ 409.00  
Avian Adventures Multi Vista Bird Cage
Multi Vista Bird Cage
$ 369.00  
Avian Adventures Grande Dometop Bird Cage
Grande Dometop Bird Cage
$ 579.00  
Avian Adventures Grande Playtop Bird Cage
Grande Playtop Bird Cage
$ 599.00  

Avian Adventures Triple Vista Bird Cage
Triple Vista Bird Cage
$ 499.00  
Avian Adventures Hacienda Dometop Bird Cage
Hacienda Dometop
$ 649.00  
Parrot Playstand
parrot playstand
$ 79.00  
Parrot Recreation Center
Parrot recreation center
$ 169.00  



* Optional slide-out grates that will not allow the bird to escape when the grate is not in place.
* Lift-off playpens with yellow cow or natural hardwood perches and two food-cup holders. All playtop styles also include three interior food bowls.
* Cages have nest-box doors for breeding, two or four inside toy hooks, and three interior food bowls.
* Interior food bowls are accessible by SOLID swing open doors so you NEVER have to reach inside the cage (if you have a killer parrot!).
* Natural wood perches - no boring dowels! Our perches are made of Bakau wood, lighter yet harder than manzanita.
* Improved knockdown design, still without nuts or bolts. Easily breaks down into a small box for easy transportation and storage.
* Specially designed skirts: No more clips or bolts.
* A storage shelf has been added to the bottom of most of our cages to store food, treats, etc.
* A new locking system has been added to the front doors and food doors. Easy for humans, very difficult for birds!

* Gold or Silver accent packages, including beautiful name plaques, on each cage depending on the color. A touch of class like no other cage in the world!


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