Avian Adventures Chiquita Playtop

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- Bar Spacing: 3/4''(1,91cm)
- Wire Gauge: 3/16''(0,48cm)
- Weight: 123 lbs
- Total cage height: 63''(160cm)
- Dimensions: 29'' height (71x56x74cm), by 28'' length, by 22'' depth

- toy hook
- slide out grate
- solid food doors
- outside food access
- two double ladders
- yellow-cow perches
- easy to remove skirt
- portable lift-off playtop
- two crocks and holders
- casters for easy moving
- cage pictured - stainless steel
- 20-oz tiffany stainless steel cups (5)

Description: The Chiquita Playtop bird cage is the type of cage that you can build
a room arounda and except beauty this cage is jam-packed with practical and innovative features.
Give to your bird a change of scenery with playtop which you can be set elsewhere!
With playtop you can easily switch between a playtop cage or a dometop cage.

The Avian Adventures Chiquita Playtop is good for: caiques, pionus, conures,
quakers, cockatiels and other small birds; mini macaws, electus and other medium-size birds

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