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- Bar Spacing: 1/2''(1,27cm)
- Wire Gauge: 1/8''(0,32cm)
- Overall cage height is 71''(180cm)
- Dimensions: 63'' height (61x61x160cm), by 24'' length, by 24'' depth

- 2 wood perches
- stainless steel food cups
- no nuts or bolts assembly
- 2 nesting box doors for breeding
- panels separating the cages can be removed
- 2 slide out grate for easy cleaning, keeps your bird safe inside
- two swing-out feeder doors on each cage for easy feedings without reaching into the cage
- cage pictured: pearl white (Base Unit with One Add-on Unit)
- 2 slide-out removable metal tray for easy cleaning and waste removal

Description: If you have more than one bird, then the Avian Multi Vista bird cage is exactly your cage.
Starts out with a "base unit" that can be purchased alone, allowing the flexibility of one large "vertical"
cage or divided horizontally to create two smaller cages, this is the uniqueness of this cage. You can be
purchased additional "expansion" units allowing even greater flexibility of having one, two, three, four or more cages.
Each module is 24"W x 24" D x 24"H (overall height is 71") and features 1/2" bar spacing, 1/8" bar gauge,
and no nuts or bolts assembly. The Multi Vista comes with space for a full spectrum light for the lower cage,
front mounted food doors and nest box doors. The big secret to this unique cage is the panels separating the cages can be removed!

The Avian Adventures Multi Vista is good bird cage for: small birds such us lovebirds, parakeets, parrotlets, canaries, caiques, pionus, conures, quakers, cockatiels, tiny birds such as finches Handling Time: When you place a truck order, it can take up to 5 business days to ship the cage. That means it can take up to 5 business days not including the day the order was submitted, for the product to leave our dock – that does not include the amount of time it takes in transit. Transit time is 2-7 business days depending on customer's location.

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