Three Level Bird Playgym 3-6

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- Base: 20'' x 18''
- Overall Height: 24''
- Second Level: 10'' x 7''
- Third Level: 11" x 8" 

Three Level Bird Playgym includes:
- 3 swing

Bird Gym is good for: Cockatiels, Parakeets, Lovebirds, Senegals, Myers, Red Bellies, Quakers,
conures such as Green Cheeks, Maroon Bellies, peach fronts, Red throats, Gold Caps, Sun conures,
Jendays, most austrailian types, and others of similiar size.

* ALL SALES ARE FINAL: so please besure you pick out the right gym for the size bird you have. Always check with us before your purchase to be sure you are ordering the right gym.

* The delivery term for every order: up to three weeks. In case when you need your gym urgently, just contact us and let us know

* Base Color will vary depending on availability.

* Due to the ever increasing price of shipping and packaging materials we will no longer supply toys with any gym. Rather that raise our prices on average of $10 to $20 we feel that most people usually have their own toys.

* The improvement or modification of the specification of any gym in order to achieve better standard and a better quality is our reserved right.

* Gyms are not recommended for the following: Macaws, Amazons, large cockatoo's

* We only use non toxic materials in the manufacturing, those gyms are made in the USA

See Bird Gyms Assembly Instruction

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