HQ Mini Macaw Bird Cages 36x24

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- Bar Spacing: 1''
- Inside Height: 40''
- Weight: 126 lbs
- Bar Thickness: 1/6''
- Dimensions: 67'' height, by 36'' length, by 24'' depth

- slide-out tray
- 3 feeder doors
- slide-out grate
- openable arch top
- 4 easy-gliding casters
- 3 stainless steel dishes
- 2 straight pine perches
- surrounding seed catchers
- large front cathedral door with steel locking latch
- Non-toxic finish, Made from Iron-Wrought Steel
- Beautiful baked Powder-Coated

The HQ Mini Macaw Bird Cages is good bird cage for: large birds such as cockatoos and macaws;
eclectus, amazons, greys and other medium-size birds; toucans and other exotic birds

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