How to clean and disinfect the bird cage

10 Steps to Cleaning Your Bird Cage

Step One
First the bird must be removed from the bird cage as keep it in a place that is safe. Avoid any open rooms as doors and windows.
Step Two
Food dishes, bird toys, bird perches and any other accessories must be also removed from the bird cage.
Step Three
In case your bird cage has a bottom which is detachable, then you should easily remove the bottom and clean it from any loose droppings.
Step Four
If your bird cage has no detachable bottom, take the bird cage and turn it upside down over a trash or any garbage tray to release any droppings.
Step Five
Put the bird cage and the detachable bottom, if there is, under a hot water and carefully clean them until all excessive soiling is remover from the parts of the bird cage.
Step Six
Sponge off the bird cage and bottom or use a brush or plastic scrub pad for removing the soiling. Use only non-toxic cleansers that have been tested and proved.
Step Seven
Use hot water to rinse the bird cage and then leave the excess water to drain away the bird cage.
Step Eight
If you have a two-part bird cage, you should reassemble it before you proceed to dry the sections using a clean and dry cloth.
Step Nine
Bird toys, bird perches and other bird accessories also must be cleaned before place them back into the bird cage. Place them under a hot water, scrub them using a non-toxic cleanser and rinse them thoroughly. Use clean and dry cloth for drying.
Step Ten
When all food and water dishes, bird toys, bird perches and other bird accessories are dry, as well as the bird cage itself, then place them back in the cage. Return the bird in as make sure all is well-assembled.

Tips & Warnings
If you are using a shower for cleaning the bird cage and accessories, it is recommended to wash it out after you use it.
If you faced up some difficulties scrubbing the bird cage or the other bird accessories clean, you may try to soak them in hot water and soap or any debris remover for birds especially.
You may lay down several paper tray liners on the bottom of the bird cage so when you notice that the top one gets dirty to remove it and those one which is underneath to remain on the top. It is an easy way to keep the bottom of the bird cage clean.