Play Top Cozzzy Bird Cage Covers 2018PT

Brand: Cozzzy Bird Cage Covers
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• Width range of 18 " thru 20 "
• Depth range of 16 " thru 18 "
• (Height 44 " - cover hangs over seed guard)


• Cozzzy Bird Cage Covers provide a warm, dark, secure environment for promoting sleep for any bird.
• A standard bed sheet only blocks 40% to 60% of light and doesn't provide a darkness level that allows your bird to get the sleep needed to be healthy.  A Cozzzy Bird Cage Covers block over 95% of light, and allows your bird to truly sleep well.
• This poly-cotton mixture allows in oxygen, but keeps out light and cool breezes.
• Constructed of a revolutionary poly-cotton mixture that is fairly thin & breathable, yet tough for your bird to damage.  This material is also non-toxic to birds.
• Designed to provide ample room for exterior feeders and other accessories
• Easy to put on- even the largest cages!
• Front section of cover can be folded over the top of the cage, so you don't need to take the cover off to get your bird out of it's cage. • Innovative design discourages even the most destructive birds from chewing!
• Cover features Velcro so that you can loosen or tighten it to the cage.
• A beautiful addition to any room- now you can take your bird out and cover his dirty cage during dinner parties!
• Machine Washable- will not shrink!
• Stain and wrinkle resistant
• Each cover features a beautifully embroidered Cozzzy Bird logo.
• Each cover comes in a convenient carrying bag

Things to Know Before Buying a Cozzzy Bird Cage Cover

• Determine the width & depth of your cage before choosing the cover.
• Determine whether your cage is considered a dometop or a playtop cage.
• Below you'll find a dometop section and a playtop section, be sure you choose from the correct section.
• After determining the width and depth of your bird cage (and whether it's a dometop cage or playtop cage) look through the available models below.  Each cover model below has width and depth ranges, and you must choose a range that fits your cages dimensions.  Simply find a model that your dimensions fit within.  If your cage's dimensions fall between 2 models, always choose the cover model that's one size larger

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