Mango Deluxe Foraging Birds Station

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- Base : 34'' x 24''

Birds Station Includes:
- 6 perches
- 2 lift-off tops
- 2 toy holders
- 5 ceramic cups
- 2 toy eye hooks
- 5 feeder stations
- slide out ABS tray
- powdered coated 
- furniture quality wheels

Birds Station Description: We are talking about Birds Station, arent we? Peek-a-boo is as good as a play!
The foraging is an essential behavior in the birds, which happens daily. Your birds do not make an exception.
Birds Station places a lot of space to ramble, metal activity stations, and a boredom relief stand at your bird disposal.
The warranty of the paint is 5 years and the warranty on the workmanship is lifetime. It is available only in Desert Stone.
The toys are sold separately.

Birds Station is good for: medium birds such as mini macaws, amazons, greys, eclectus; large birds such as macaws,
cockatoos; exotic birds such as toucans
We have a 5 year warranty on the paint and a lifetime warranty on all of our stands.

There is a lead time (1-3 weks) for some of the colors.

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