Small Birds Cage With Roof

Small Birds Cage With Roof

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Your lovely birds can inhabit and feed both inside and outside of the new designed parrot bird cage. It features one large feeding cup inside. Your lovely bird will be provided a wonderful home to to play and live in.

- Bar spacing: 1/2"
- Color: Dark gray
Size of Small Door: 5"(W) X 6"(H)
- Height without Stand or top: 42"
- Overall Dimensions: 25"(W) X 26"(D) X 61"(H)
- Package Weight: 39.8lbs
- Living Area Dimension: 20"(W) X 21"(D) X 42"(H)
- Size of Large Door: 9"(W) X 6"(H)
- Material: Iron

- Sturdy frame and new designed structure are used for more stability
- High quality for this brand new cage
- The non-toxic and powder-coated wire ensures the bird’s safety
- Birds love to stay high and that’s why the cage features tall stand to provide higher cage situation
- Escape is prevented by the reasonable bar space
- Your bird cannot easily bent the wire as it is made of strong metal
- Very easily removed grate for much easier cleaning
- Metal slide-out on bottom and top for easy cleaning
- On the play top you can find cup feeders
- The first cup is for dry food and the second is for wet food or water
- Every bird can exercise or rest on the 4 play top perch
- The 4 strong swivel casters ensure stability and mobility
- Use the 2 locking feeder doors for easy feeding

Small Birds Cage With Roof is good bird cage for: tiny birds such as parrotlets, canaries, finches, lovebirds, parakeets, small birds such as caiques, pionus, conures, quakers, cockatiels.

1. Every cage has a lock
2. It is really important to make sure your lovely birds will not escape from the cage through bar space.

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