A Guide to Bird Cages for Sale

As overwhelming as picking out a pet bird can be, picking a bird cage can be even more so. There are so many options available. Sizes range from mere inches to several feet. Styles range from a simple square box to an elaborate house. Materials, too, can vary greatly--iron, stainless steel, aluminum, acrylic, wooden, brass, and wire are all available.

You even have choices in where to buy your bird cage. A large variety of bird cages can be found at chain pet stores, such as PetsMart or PetCo. Department stores also offer some bird cages for sale. Sometimes, discount stores like Dollar General or Family Dollar will sell bird cages.

Online pet stores also sell bird cages. In comparing online store prices to brick and mortar store prices, be sure to weigh in the shipping charges and any applicable taxes.

You can also find bird cages for sale in the newspaper, at flea markets, and at garage sales. These used bird cages are generally safe to use, but they should be disinfected first. Do not buy used wooden bird cages--these are difficult to clean and could be dangerous for your bird.

In addition to the mass produced bird cages for sale, you can also order a custom bird cage. Though this will be much more expensive, it also allows more control over design.

No matter where you decide to purchase your bird cage, keep in mind the cage's two main functions: keeping the bird safe and keeping the bird happy. To accomplish this, you should buy the largest cage you can afford that will safely accommodate your type of bird.