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Flight Bird Cage
The two cages arrived today just as FedEx tracking stated. The HQ cages are really a great value Im pleased with the construction and the engineering. Your prompt handling of my order and e-mailed questions made the whole process very smooth. THANKS, Peggy Smith

Why feathers fall off birds


1. Natural fall of feathers

The natural fall of feathers of birds is called languishing. This is a physiological process that reveals generally in the end of summer and the beginning of autumn with all birds species.

During the period of languishing consecutively all feathers fall off birds and are replaced with new ones. A change of all feathers occurs with old birds and with young ones this starts at the age of about 2 months and is called baby - languishing. During this they change only a part of their feathers that means only the small cover - feathers without the tail and helming feathers. For the growth of new feathers, the organism of birds uses up lots of energy. To be able to compensate this in due time it is necessary to provide favorable zoo - hygienic conditions of breeding, rich food full of vitamins and minerals, fresh air and warm. When breeding birds properly, languishing proceeds easily and fast. Incorrect feeding, dry undiversified and of poor quality food before languishing, leads to disturbance in metabolism, painful and long - lasting change of feathers. That is why it is necessary to provide various fresh and full of vitamins food ( fruit , vegetables ). After completing the languishing, the bird restores its vitality, mobility and lively type.

2. Fall off feathers because of other reasons ( I unnatural season - winter).

Partial fall of feathers as well as their violent wrenching away by the birds themselves, which is a very common phenomenon and mostly in home - cultivated birds. This might be due to many reasons:

  • sudden temperature changes

  • insufficient feeding with undiversified food - especially only oil - bearing seeds

  • damp and warm stuffy air - for example kitchen rooms

  • lack of enough movements

  • decrease of the continuation of daylight in the room

  • invasion of parasites

  • nerve disorders

  • lack of attention

In such cases it is recommended to provide nourishing feeding with foods rich in animal proteins, minerals and vitamins. It should be considered that regular as well as irregular languishing create conditions for predispositions towards diseases, because of which special care and hygiene are necessary in this period.


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