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Flight Bird Cage
The two cages arrived today just as FedEx tracking stated. The HQ cages are really a great value Im pleased with the construction and the engineering. Your prompt handling of my order and e-mailed questions made the whole process very smooth. THANKS, Peggy Smith

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Avian Adventures Hacienda Dometop

Avian Adventures Hacienda Dometop Bird Cage

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Avian Adventures Hacienda Dometop Features:
- Bar Spacing: 1''(2,54cm)
- Wire Gauge: 1/4''(0,64cm)
- Weight: 223 lbs
- Total cage height: 70''(178cm)
- Dimensions: 60'' height, by 48'' length, by 34'' depth

- slide out grates
- yellow-cow perch
- stainless steel cups
- outside food access
- easy to remove skirt
- three solid food doors
- casters for easy moving
- cage pictured - sapphire blue
- no tools needed for assembly

The Avian Adventures Hacienda Dometop is good for: large birds such as cockatoos and macaws; eclectus, amazons, greys and other medium-size birds; toucans and other exotic birds


For you large macaws and similar large birds we designed the Avian Adventures Hacienda Dometop, which cage like all other Avian cages are without ANY bolts, screws, nuts and also there are no welds to break! For ease and convenience in cleaning it features two side by side bottom trays for added . The height from the bottom of the cage to the top of the food bowls is 31", providing lots of room for even the longest of tails. The Hacienda is available only as a Dometop!

Handling Time: When you place a truck order, it can take up to 5 business days to ship the cage. That means it can take up to 5 business days not including the day the order was submitted, for the product to leave our dock – that does not include the amount of time it takes in transit. Transit time is 2-7 business days depending on customer's location.



 $ 649.00


 $ 1999.00

We are calculating the shipping quote, depending on customer's zip code, the number and the sizes of the cage boxes and based on the currently Fedex, UPS, YRC, R&L or SAIA rates. For this cage the average shipping price is between $90 - $189. If you need to verify the shipping rate before placing your order, please contact us


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