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Flight Bird Cage
The two cages arrived today just as FedEx tracking stated. The HQ cages are really a great value Im pleased with the construction and the engineering. Your prompt handling of my order and e-mailed questions made the whole process very smooth. THANKS, Peggy Smith

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Bird Perches

Choosing the right bird perches for your bird cages is essential for ensuring the health and happiness of your bird. Birds spend a significant portion of their lives on perches, and finding the right combination of sizes, styles, and materials is crucial in preventing the development of foot abnormalities. Common bird perches materials include wood, plastic, acrylic, dowel stock, terra-cotta, PVC piping, rope, and cement.

Jawa Wood Bird Perches  
You can take your bird just about anywhere and for any length of time.
Perch Pouch keeps droppings off of your floor and clothing.
A design of nature and of skilled craftmenship. Metal attachment that connects to any cage.
Shoulder Perch
Perch Pouch
$ 27.90  
$ 13.90  
$ 13.00  
Dragon Wood Perches Dragon Wood Perch Dragonwood Pesh Dragonwood Perches
$ 13.00  
$ 15.00  
$ 17.00  
$ 19.00  

AE Dragon Wood Perch 10" AE Dragon Wood Perch 18" AE Dragonwood Pesh 24" AE Dragonwood Perch 26"
$ 16.00  
$ 18.00  
$ 20.00  
$ 25.00  

AE Dragon Wood Perches 32" AE Dragon Wood Perch 36" AE Dragonwood Peshes 40" AE Dragonwood Perch 42"
$ 25.00  
$ 35.00  
$ 39.00  
$ 39.00  

AE Dragon Wood Perches 48" AE Dragon Wood Perch 64" AE Dragonwood Perches 80"  
$ 42.00  
$ 49.00  
$ 55.00  

Things to Know Before Buying a Bird Perches

Size is critical when it comes to choosing a bird perches . Your bird needs to be able to wrap its foot around the perch to hold on. Your bird should be able grab on securely, but its feet should not go all the way around. Choosing a bird perches for your bird cages that varies in diameter is a great way to allow your pet to select the most comfortable spot to settle. Likewise, placing several perches of different sizes in the bird cage allows your bird to exercise its feet and improve agility. A bird perches made from natural wood is a wise choice because it gives your bird a comfortable place to perch , as well as something to chew. Keep in mind that birds especially enjoy removing the bark and munching on branches, so be prepared to replace natural branch perches often. Popular for its hardness and unique qualities, a Manzanita bird perches are one variety of natural perch considered safe for your bird. It can be purchased in either its natural red or sandblasted form. For a good bird perches , consider purchasing a bird stand in the form of a tower. Bird stands, in tower form, allow your bird to land on several different perches and get exercise and enjoyment out of the multiple levels. Furthermore, since many towers stand at around four feet tall, they provide a good way to keep your pet bird away from the curious and sometimes damaging hands, mouths, and paws of small children and family pets.


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