Bird Elevated Play Tower

Brand: AE Cage
Product Code: ACBD101
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- Base: 28'' length x 19'' depth x 41'' height

Bird Elevated Play Tower Includes:
- simple assembly
- perches can be removed for easy cleaning
- durable plastic construction easily wipes clean
- raised base is sturdy, safe and aids in reducing scattered debris
- the textured, 1'' diameter perches are irregularly shaped to provide
a secure grip stimulates foot and leg exercise builds musculature and improves circulation

Bird Elevated Play Tower Description:
This unique design has many advantages. First of all it is secure with its round shape,
avoiding any sharp edges - gentle, friendly and safe. Besides, the radius takes less
space than the standard rectangular design. The tower has been configured with a straight back,
which allows you to place it straight to the wall. And despite of it's economically size
the Play Tower offers to the pet birds a perch and enough playing area outside the cage.

The Bird Elevated Play Tower is good bird cage for: small birds such as quakers,
caiques, pionus, cockatiels, conures; medium birds such as mini macaws, amazons, greys, eclectus

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