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Flight Bird Cage
The two cages arrived today just as FedEx tracking stated. The HQ cages are really a great value Im pleased with the construction and the engineering. Your prompt handling of my order and e-mailed questions made the whole process very smooth. THANKS, Peggy Smith

Java Wood Bird Trees

The Java Tree is a natural tree perch made from a single coffee tree of 25 to 35 years of age when the tree becomes non-productive. Each Tree is handpicked as less than one percent of the coffee trees suitable.These trees then go through a series of painstaking process and handcrafting till perfection. The finished perch becomes a beautiful addition to your home and most importantly, practical and fun for your bird and other creatures.

Table Top Java Wood Tree
Table Top Java Wood Tree
$ 59.00  
Java Wood Tree Bird Play Stand
Java Wood Tree Bird Play Stand
$ 79.00  
Java Wood Tabletop Play Stand
Java Wood Tabletop Play Stand
$ 99.00  
Java Wood Tree
Java Wood Tree
$ 279.00  

Single Java Wood Tree
Single Java Wood Tree
$ 329.00  
Large Java Wood Tree
Large Java Wood Tree
$ 419.00  
Carved Java Wood Tree
Carved Java Wood Tree
$ 529.00  
Large Carved Java Wood Trees
Carved Java Wood Trees
$ 569.00  

Double Java Wood Tree
Double Java Wood Tree
$ 489.00  

A nice and natural bird perch is the Java Wood Tree perch. A coffee tree is been used for it. They use the trees when they get 25-35 years old and are already non-productive. The trees are than processed into beautiful
accessory for your home and the perfect handmade perch provides lots of fun to your pet, it’s a practical and comfortable spot for it to spend its time.

The Java Wood Tree perch is a compilation of nature and art – these are the world’s best known bird and parrot perches. The perch is functional and practical with enough spacing between the branches allowing the bird to flap its wings and to play around. It has a quality Kamper wood base from Kalimantan and a ¾’’ plywood bottom. The casters are almost unseen. All around the base the bottom of the perch is beautiful carved with hand carved bird pictures.

The same trees as those used for the Java Wood Tree perches are also ideally for the Java Woo Tree’s detachable cage branches. They are also a natural product that perfectly fit as a bird playgym. The natural branches are carefully processed by removing the branch bark, than the branches are shaped, dried, end smoothed and hand-sanded. The different sizes in the diameter consider the needs of the different kind of birds in order to suit their needs in the most effective way and to provide them natural and safe environment.

Another avian product is the Java Wodd Tree Hideout – ideally for snakes, small pocket pets and lizards.
It’s a favorite place for them to crawl in and out, to hide and to rest. As all the other items made by Java wood tree the shape is natural again and brings the forest into your home. They are heavy enough not to move when your pet gets in. They are made by the same way where the log is debarked, cleaned, dried, carved and hand-sanded.


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